SURL are a four-member Korean indie band that offers a refreshing take on the genre’s typical style. Recognized both in Korea and overseas for their catchy songs, superb musicianship, and honest lyrics, SURL pushed the boundaries in the Korean music scene and created genre-blended hits through collaborations with hip-hop musicians such as Jay Park and Hash Swan. 

SURL debuted in September 2018 with the song "Stay Here" as a part of the compilation album [bright #7]. Soon after, in December, SURL released their first EP [Aren't You?]. After winning the Grand Prize at the ‘2018 Shinhan Card Rookie Project’ and Excellence Award at the ‘EBS Hello Rookie with KOCCA’ the same year SURL officially became the “super rookies” of the Korean indie scene. 

Within a year after their debut, SURL were catapulted into the global music scene. Since then, the band performed at leading overseas festivals in Canada (Canadian Music Week), Germany (Reeperbahn Festival), Taiwan (LUCfest), Singapore (Baybeats Festival), Thailand (Big Mountain Music Festival), and the U.S. (SXSW). 

In 2022, SURL raised their profile by appearing on Mnet's band survival program "Great Seoul Invasion" where they finished in second place. In October, they also released their first full-length album [of us]. After their new release, they went on a national tour of 6 cities in Korea. Furthermore, in April 2023, SURL held a North American tour in 13 cities, including U.S. and Canada, which attracted attention in the global market.

SURL은 2018년 9월, 민트페이퍼 컴필레이션 [bright #7] 타이틀곡 ‘여기에 있자’로 데뷔, 연이어 릴리즈한 EP [Aren’t You?]를 통해 Z세대를 대표할 밴드로 단숨에 뛰어올랐다. 그 기대를 부응이라도 하듯 ‘2018 신한카드 루키 프로젝트’ 대상, ‘EBS 올해의 헬로루키 with KOCCA’ 우수상, ‘KOCCA 뮤즈온 아티스트’, ‘CJ 문화재단 튠업 21기’에 모조리 선정되며 슈퍼루키 이상의 존재감을 뽐냈다.

2019년, 싱글 [Cilla]과 EP [I Know] 발매 후에는 단독 콘서트 [Yes, You Are]을 1분 만에 매진시킴과 동시에 독일, 대만, 일본, 태국 등 해외 공연 러브콜까지 받으며 글로벌 밴드로서의 가능성 또한 엿보게 됐다. 2022년, 자신들의 첫 정규앨범 [of us] 발매 후 국내 6개 도시에서 진행된 전국투어를 성료 후, 2023년 4월에는 미국과 캐나다 13개 도시를 도는 북미 투어를 진행하는 등 국내뿐만 아니라 세계 음악시장에서도 주목받고 있다.


of us

LP, 2022.10.25

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